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The Four Factors For Successful in Education Online

June 15th, 2021

What makes a successful online student? If you choose to pursue a degree via education online, you definitely hope to complete it successfully. Unfortunately, some students will fall-out from the courses and fail to earn their desired degree online. So, you have to prepare yourself to be a successful online students. First, you need to understand the 4 factors to successful in education online before you can get ready yourself to face the challenges.

Factor #1: Goal settings

If you want to be successful in education online, you need to plan for it and achieve it according to your plan and make sure you meet the goals stated in the plan. Goal setting is the first step that you need to do once you have decided to pursue a degree online. There are courses and credit hours you need to meet toward the graduation requirements. Based on the requirements, define your goals that you want to achieve on each semester. Break these goals into mini goals and track them to ensure all the goals are in path so that you can meet the ultimate goal within the schedule you have defined in your ultimate goal.

Factor #2: Effective time management strategy

Flexibility in the key feature of education online. Online students can make the call on how fast they want to progress through the courses. They may choose to take just a few courses in a semester or optimize their time by taking as many courses as they are afforded so that they can get graduated faster. In most cases where students fail in online study, they failed to manage their time effectively. They always find they have no time to study. Some students are always postponing the courses to next semester, but still can’t find enough time to complete the online education program. At last, they give up the course without getting the degree. In fact, the factor makes them fail is, they failed to manage their time effectively. Successful online students always have a good time management strategy so that they can balance between work, study and other personal obligations. This is the most important factor for a successful online student. You have to make sure you plan for a good time strategy at the start of the course and follow the strategy until you get graduated.

Factor #3: Self-motivation

Generally, you will study alone in front of your computer via internet connection. Even though you have peers and instructors in virtual classrooms, you are still alone physically as nobody will look at your back, pushing you to achieve your goals, or completing tasks and assignments before the due dates. Instead, you have to keep yourself motivated and get through the education program accordingly. Self-pace learning is a feature of education online, that’s why you need to be able to keep yourself motivated if you want to be successful as online student.

Factor #4: Good online learning skills

Online learning style is different from the classroom-based learning format. It needs you to read a lot of text materials, be able to communicate asynchronously via online forums and discussion groups. These are the online learning skills that you have to prepare for if you want to successful in online education.


The above are the 4 important factors for successful in online education. If you have decided to go for getting a degree online, you have to prepare yourself with the above factors so that you can be a successful online student.