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Three Benefits to a Masters in Education Online Program

May 15th, 2021

1. Programs are Eligible for Federal Financial Student Aid

Now that the majority of universities offer a distance option for adult students who need added flexibility, online programs have finally gained the respect they deserve. The same money that was available when you were a new high school graduate is available today while you go after your masters in education online.

If you’ve maxed out your federal student loan limit, a quality school can help you with alternative lending programs. Fair payment plans, private lenders and scholarships can help meet your financial obligations. You may also be able to consolidate your existing student loans into a new one in order to continue your education.

2. Certain Teaching Professions Offer Forgivable Lending

If, upon completion of your masters in education online, you may be eligible to have a portion or all of your current loan balance erased. Getting certified in certain high need areas, or getting a job in locations where there is a shortage of qualified teachers is the key to this. Your state department of education should be able to help you identify these lending opportunities as they become available. This is true whether you’ve gotten your masters traditionally or through a distance education program.

3. Online Programs Allow for Group Settings & In-Class Student Teaching

Many people assume that a masters in education online consist solely of independent study. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Reputable programs have both solo and team work sessions, giving you a leg up in networking when it’s time to enter the work force. These opportunities also allow you to learn from others’ work experience, as well as share your own.

In addition to this, online programs have opportunities for student teaching in a traditional setting. Your academic adviser can help set up contracts in your area, giving you a typical student teaching placement. You build the same contacts in your district with a masters in education online as you do a program at a local brick-and-mortar institution.

The benefits to online studies can be varied, and surprising. Don’t let the newness of new styles of study run you off. These days, distance programs closely mimic traditional ones in teaching method, quality of instruction and networking and hiring possibilities. If you’ve been letting a limited education hold you back, switch gears, research your options and get involved in a masters in education online program today.